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Y'all don't remember TQ? This song was jamming. "Daily".

This place looks like something out of a fantasy book. I'll be there in November. Swish.

Chun Li kick that hoe. Swish. RT : What would you do if someone's pitbull attacked you

Don't you forget it. Swish.

Stop reaching. Men lie, women lie. Numbers don't. Swish. RT : 49 for LeBron

Take his dick out your mouth. Swish. RT : This might've been Durant's season, but this is Lebron's playoffs!

Morning music. Swish.

See you soon. Swish.

Lance Stephenson out that hoe in some And 1's during the playoffs. smh.

What kind of cookies are you good at making :-)

Tell that to somebody who don't know any better sir. Swish. RT : Still No Dunking on Mutombo


A real SUPER struggle smh.

Trying to monitor this game in Afghanistan is a struggle.

Then Bynum just gonna be unsupportive of his teammate lol. Didn't even go check on Pau.

Pau doing his best surfboard imitation. Soft as play doh. Swish.

Smh just horrible. Should have been traded during the following practice.