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They always say “Home is where your heart is.” Mine is in Torino, Italy. There's a %99 chance that I hate your team, along with animals & Sushi. #32sulcampo

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ملوك قلبي


آخر واحد قتلني

Favorite time of the day


It doesn’t matter if you’re the leader of the free world, you’re still listening to your jealous wife.

Apparently money can't buy you brains..

Arab mothers.

Bianco che abbraccia il nero

I found this very sad instead of funny

Scandal's "The storm is coming" photoshoot

Njtm3 b kil makan even if its unintentionally

خلاص أستسلم

Happy birthday, Leo -I can pull off any character I want- Di caprio!

مطعم في الصين.. يسمعون بالإبداع


Heidi Klum's halloween costume!

Who said anything about aging?