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Animal lover, Mexican food enthusiast, avid runner, lifelong learner, marketing & obsessed w/ all things purple

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KC Plaza Art Fair, found some #gems, ,

Me: Look! Does my shirt make me look like a crazy cat lady?
: Don't worry you ARE one. Everyone knows it.

Busted! #NaughtyKitty

Look what a co-worker gave me this morning...a 2013 cat calendar!!! #SoExcited

Oh Sophie, #Yoga time does not equal play time! #AttackKitty

, uh oh...looks like you have some competition! #DB13

Sophie is very happy that I shared my bbq chicken breast.

Sophie's favorite hideout.

, this little kitty will be excited when you return. She is needy!

, my hero...

, who orders a shot of rumplemints for starters...uhhh...Heather!

, do we look German?

Go we look German?

, we're here! ;-)

, look what I found!

, you might be obsessed with cats if...

My company's cafe supports our local farming community. I love that all food is from a 50 mile radius.

Ughhh...I guess this is why I pay for premium car insurrance.

Both my supervisor and manager helped me turn a frustrating moment into a laughable one!

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