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iNever seen Jordan with a phone case like that! Lol!

iDunno if iPhone 5 is gonna be $800....what iDo know is 4S is still $700 w/O a contract! 4S is what like a year old?

These fuckers are bomb

iMean you tell me this shirt don't look pink....

here @ work whistling to this ish, my partner here in office giving me a funny look! I'm like its the drugs man....Lol!

I'm liking it so far

Siri is fucking bad!

She even knows bad words! Lol

This will be my first time having siri text a tweet for me

Let me see if her ass can keep

just paid $25 for app now I use all the time

oh yeah....HD all throughout the house man!

Lol... Always stocked up ---> RT perfect

97℉ but muggy & sticky AF outside #Humid

iAint ripe but iDid start very little ones

Getting it crackin--->

either way its all good....#NP ---->

Not gonna did cross my mind again taking my slippers to work this morning

I don't know if you had FB before but the old one was a lot more efficient

Then again I don't think they are even tropical fish....but it's a nice tank I guess

iAgree! #Falcons

ooooo look