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About to lose sanity for a pair of green eyes-Plus I am adm of the face page Kangin please come back-I love so much Dan :( but I cant remove Kangin from my life

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Take my hand, take my whole life too
Cause' I can't help falling in love with you...
Saranghae forever my love

  • 2020 days ago via site
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The 1st time I saw you, my heart beat like a fool and I knew there was love...Saranghae forever!!! You'll always be the only one in my heart!!!

  • 2021 days ago via site
  • 47

Even if you just look, make my heart happy ... saranghae

  • 2022 days ago via site
  • 36

My heart is charmed by you, so I can not let you go ...Saranghae...

  • 2023 days ago via site
  • 47

No matter how much my heart hurts, does not want to let you go, and this is not going to change ...Saranghae...

  • 2024 days ago via site
  • 45

Smile a little more, to the moon, feel jealous of you...I will remain waiting for you, while I try to relieve my heart ... Saranghae

  • 2025 days ago via site
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Without a word, you made me know love,
Without a word, you gave me love.
Because you took just a breath, and ran away like this.
Without a word, love, leaves me.
Without a word, love abandons me.
Wondering what to say next?... my lips were surprised,
Because it came without a word.

  • 2026 days ago via site
  • 48

You...you were always on my mind.
You...you're the one I've been living for.
You...you're my everlasting fire...
You're my always shining star...

  • 2027 days ago via site
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I will promise you
du nun ae norman dam ko sal-a kal kae
I will promise you
du pal ae nol anko sal-a kal kae
achim ae nundor jam deun sun kon kaji
nor hana man keuril kae
saranghae i mal iji ma
I love you forever

  • 2028 days ago via site
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Day # 2 ^_^

  • 2029 days ago via site
  • 54

Day #1 (^_^,)

  • 2030 days ago via site
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Why you are so beautiful??? I love you so much!!!

  • 2030 days ago via site
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