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Does 16,500 snippets expanded make me a TextExpander power user? Yea, I think so.

What is it about Apple that they like to make their Application sizes HUGE?? Not cool for small SSD drives.

Uh oh. My MB Air is telling me to 'Service the Battery'.

Whether you like the president or not, it was a piece of history 4 yrs ago. I took my son - we were there.

Me too. Check out our tickets.

So ready to see the VT Hokies play tomorrow. And look, Is on my tickets!

Love Always On. didn't realize it was out yet. Thank goodness for . PS-they need 2 update ur bio!

Great. Everyone has Facebook now on their iOS devices and perhaps FB can't handle it.

on the big screen thanks to & . Wife laughing out loud about how boring it is. I like it tho.

Wow — Windows 8 taking forever to download.. Gotta check in on the competition ya know.

Wow.. So my 5 to 6 transfer didn't go so hot according to my logs. 404 is my most popular page this week.

Just used iCloud to find my iPad somewhere in the dining room after I searched the house for it. Good stuff.

My website - how it's changed through the years. Left to right 2005-2012. I like my 2005 tagline the best.

Oh crud.. This could be bad. 1,155 people accessed my 404 error page today.Maybe the migration didn't go as planned...

My girls Painting at stepping out. #Stepn #SteppinOut #Blacksburg

Yea, I'm thinking I'm gonna wait to go to Steppin Out.. About about 30 minutes. #stepn #Stepnout #SteppinOut

unacceptable. Then I'd have to change my wifi and Mac names.

That's got to be strange to have all of those cameras right in your face.

tell me you just woke up when they took this! Looks like it should be on smoking gun! Good luck 2nite!