Mr. Failed Twitcons


If ya readin this to find somethin out about me just know IDGAF about ya or who ya are.. Now wit that said get the fuck off my page and have a nice day..

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I'ma just put this right here..

I knew you were somebody famous ..

This nigga gotta be right after Bow Wow..

RT : yeah I responded because of her cuz I actually know her that's my friend ur a fuckin

Givin out handfuls.. Gettin this shit done early..

I think it's the other way around..

Yo my g. When do y'all usually get in stuff before they release? Tryna see if y'all are gonna have these next weekend.

Who did this?? Lmfao

Future #FailedTwitcon victims..

No customers, yep time to catch up on some porn..

Bruh.. What in the entire fuck..

Lmaoooooo I faked this text tho..

RT : They know that iphone screen is a bulletproof glass that's why they get behind it and feel safe..

Don't forget about thuggin Jesus tho..

Lmaooooo outta shape superheroes exist..

how you figure?? You see the picture.. Sagittarius > Aries

This is what happens when customers get on my bad side.. 40% mark up on everything..

Lmfaooooo could never be me...

Lol you and this same color.. RT : And that's how it's supposed to be “: Italians can't win..”

Crimson foams make my cycle complete..