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“Abuse & Harrassment Reporting” at #29C3 - Read: - Grab some of these and hand 'em out.

Will ever say “If you have an open seat next to you, raise your hand!” again? #28C3

Approaching #29C3 like a boss.

One of the craziest constructions ever. A screw that taps into the head of the screw beneath. Who came up with this?

Und ihr so? — Danke an <3

Another T-Shirt made with the #cuttr . Thanks to & for helping with pixeltracing.

Normal usage for me. :-)

Eight of those wires are mine to bring the internetz to the office. #Somewhere

7600 was a nice machine. My first Mac was this one.

Advanced #minecraft Blinkendingens redstone things manufactured at

Yes, the folks at are serious about Blinkendingens.

Damn you autocorrect for claiming that the word “calendar” is spelled incorrectly but then having no miscorrections.

Seems the information that Instacast 3 sports up to 3x playback is bogus. I really had looked forward to that.

Jetzt im Keller vom eine neue Episode mur.strom PodCast mit und aufnehmen.

Meine Route ist heute eher mühsam. Rolltreppe am Westbahnhof ist auch außer Betrieb.

Update: U2 fährt zwischen Schottentor und Volkstheater nicht.

Woke up, looked at my phone and saw this. Perfect timing! #wakeUpLikeABoss

We've got a Roland GX-24 vinyl cutter with cloth-press.

Another T-Shirt created with 's #cuttr