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Is there an iOS API to call the modal system dictionary viewController? I couldn't find anything. Looks like this:

Perfect 3D puzzle for a #Sysadmin (Was on Christmas eve). Upper harddrive replacement in a Mac mini server (unibody).

No, the dictionary doesn't accept this… #fail

Haben eine coole Tour für Aliens durch die 700m² von cven bekommen. Herzlichen dank!

Grüße aus der ins

John Cage Referenzen bei der Uhr am Alexanderplatz. Ich fürchte, daß es heute nicht so angenehm leise bleiben wird.

Nicht nur für den #29C3 ein guter Hinweis.

You can see ALL the surveillance cameras of the Radison blu hotel from the street. May include passwords on Post-Its.

You're welcome.

Only at #29C3 you can play Super-Tux 3D!

Only at #29C3 you can play Super-Tux 3D!

Tux is hooked on Winter-Mate! #29C3

Random Guerillia knitting at #29C3

Oh the irony. #29C3 #policccy ;-)

The #29C3 hashtag tweetstream printer is suffering severe packet loss. Some of my tweets are missing! :-O

Best hotel minibar ever. Too bad it didn't come stocked that way. #29C3

Cultural impact of #29C3 displayed on the Radison blue hotel wall.

Finally the typo at the CCH has been corrected. Thanks! #29C3

Reception enhancing ham radio antenna construction seen at Assembly at #28C3

When you're feeling small and insecure at #29C3… MORE NERF GUNS! </irony>