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. did it again, sober again. (mostly) (At least for a Short time)

Almost impossible to stay awake in Saal 1, even Mate seems to loose it's effect. Speaker reading boring++ slides in full.

. moments before announcing FX of Phenoelit. #26C3.

. at his best, gzipping the audience in Saal 1. #26C3 "There are 4 seats on stage but only 2 speakers"

Day 2 of #26C3 flowing in better, theres even Spots of WiFi to communicate. Now beeing fashion victimed in #Saal2

Nenne eine Webseite! Nimm das Wikipedia! #26C3

Aufgrund von Überfüllung der Säle notwendig gewordene Deckenstützkonstruktion. #Lego #26C3

Die getoastete Milch in der Caféteria des #bcc am #26C3 ist nur schwer zu ertragen. Die 2,-€ nicht wert.

Frauenveranstaltung am #26C3 ?

Boarded and Ready for Pushback to leave VIE for #26C3 Switching to Flightmo

Ich glaub ja nicht dran. Aber sicherheitshalber trinken wir alles aus.

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Started a 20 hour copy job over the network which leads to seasonal lighting. #myKindOfChristmas

8-Bits just doesn't cut it anymore. #000000 And no, I've not run over a wasp!

There are no "just black, and black only" longsleeve shirts available. Again! This time it's my fault! #fashionVictim.

Storage++ Yes, blue LEDs! What else!

At a place I'm maybe twice a year. They played a single song I recognized this evening. The world around me has changed.

*LeckerSchmecker* Gebackene Wildschweinschnitzerl mit Apfelmus und gemischtem Salat. Dazu ein Krügl Zwickl.

Nice new housing for my home networking and server/storage setup. Thanks to the friendly folks of for the donation.