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Flaschedrehen? There's an app for that!

Leicht chaotisches Forografieren mit lauter grobmotorischen Menschen... *lesigh* #Linhof

Schön weit aufmachen, jetzt gibt's 8GB RAM dazu kleiner Xserve.

Das war Deines!

Your Buttons - Pressed they will Be!

Das klassische Deluxe Dildo XL Calzone Schnitzel a la Mexico mit Paprika, Schinken und Champignonfüllung. #wrap

Bild dazutun ist natürlich dann gleich deutlich anschaulicher...

Definitely looks a lot better than the mess I had before. #19" #Rack

. Unlikely wrong, but very likely cold at 3 degrees outside but I'm so hot, I'll make that 7! Kiltfiebel stays home.

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No such site... Could have been a nice idea. RT : this is sooo awesome!

Oh the joys when new Visual impressions arrive... Just found my copy of the Presentation Zen DESIGN book in the mail.

Not looking too good. One HD on the Backup RAID broken, no spare available. UPS battery dead. Internet connection in BBS mode.

Clearly there is something majorly wrong with the weather (sadly not with the forcast). Wondering when this climate thing will segfault.

So manche Anatomie hier ist ja recht posierlich, die cerebralen Strukturen der Weibchen eher medulla oblangata. #bedauerliche #Zicken

Isn't she a beauty? Freshly deployed #ALIX 2D13 with pfSense 1.2.3. Took a shy 25 minutes to config everything. 8 way Xserve below. liefert neue Blade Server:

This Picture will make certain People very happy. And yes, I'll be at the #Metalab this evening. :-)

OH: Trinken wir jetzt wirklich den Cranberry Vodka? Ja, aber nur aus Shot Glasln. Das SIND Shot Glasln.

Rekursion oder Perpetua Mobile? Um 19,95€