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Last of its kind: Fresh Apple Xserve 8 * Xeon. And Apple wants us to use MacPros and minis instead? #Idiots!

Found cool info folders about the tor anonymity network. *like* See for more info!

This Kernel panic proudly spnsored by Safari and nVidia Graphics drivers. NO, thank YOU!

Irgendwie kann des bei 12 Grad Celsius stimmungstechnisch nicht ganz überzeugen.

Im allgemeinen Bienenhoniggummibärchen:

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Ob der da jetzt neidisch wird? Vielleicht will er auch ein "e" kaufen.

Achievment unlocked: You have reached Nerdvana! #BigNerdRanch

The last breakfast is gone at #BigNerdRanch

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If You're wondering how you will manage to remember all the stuff you're tought here, we've got you covered. #BigNerdRanch

A bunch of mechanics implementing car parts. (Object composition) #BigNerdRanch

Todays plan at the iOS Bootcamp: #BigNerdRanch

Headlines of what we did today in the iOS Bootcamp day 1: ANSI C #BigNerdRanch

Pumpkin soup with Kernöl followed by a dead bird's grilled wing on rice. Now for evening code practice.

After a lot of C stuff to feed the brain an excellent dinner to please the stomach. #BigNerdRanch

Starting with Object oriented concepts after a cold plunge into plain C. Complex but enlighting. #BigNerdRanch

Desert: Ice, some warm sweet stuff.

Lunchtime today at #BigNerdRanch: Dead Fish (lox) on spinach with potatos. Also available veggie sans fish.

Don't say it's not real! #Inception at the #BigNerdRanch