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This is NOT what the fridge should look like! #Metalab #Metafridge

If You're in Austria you pay almost 15,- € for a Single issue, available several weeks after release. 


Oh look, this restaurant has 16 bit adressing!

After Crocodile, Emu, Kangaroo with fries and onion rings, the second desert becomes kind of a survival fight.

Chocolate Porn in 3D! #Foodporn

One Onion-Ring to rule them all and in deliciouseness nom them! /props for the inspiration #Omnomnom++

Bugs #Nerdfood #Nerdspeisen #Omnomnom++

Best Response time for an ISP ever. WiFi popped up a second before I could send the request mail. #Freewave FTW!

Do I really want to know what these are meant to be used for?

Vollduplex! #Nerdspeisen #Nerdfood

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Oh look, they are selling OpenGL here!

Da hat jemand heimlich still und leise die Halle im Westbahnhof wiedereröffnet.

Bye bye Berlin! See you all at #28c3 in a year! Don't forget to bring your kilt for ! #0dayKilt

Knut fordert seine ersten Opfer! #27c3

Annual Fashion Shopping achieved. Ready for 2011's spring trends! #27c3

Will the REAL please stand up! #27c3

Now officially in peace! #27c3