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Insurance agent by day, defunct baseball blogger, Navy wife, mom to Maddie, South Jersey transplant living in Virginia Beach for the time being.

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Been there.

Princess McPoptart.

My dad thinks this is me and :-/

Noises heard while Maddie gnawed on zucchini included "Mmm" and "omomomom."

Ok, . I got it from here.

How about *in* the box, lol

We've got ear infection, teething, and a viral rash happening all at once. Maybe *this* will gain us some sleep?

So these are probably expired, right? :-/

Wait... The Phillies lost AGAIN? Why do they hate Cliff Lee so much? Whatever, here's my baby to cheer you up.

Gardeners: can this hydrangea plant be resurrected after I get it in the ground?

Go paint your nails, .

New favorite polish now in my heavy duty rotation: 539 June! #notd

No no no I'm looking at the schedule right now!

Got my order from today and the box was PACKED with samples. Can't wait to try everything!

This feels worthy of submitting to Leno or Letterman or whoever does funny news headlines.

. on my TV again. This time on the Padres feed.