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Pose of the Day: ONE-ARM BALANCE - Try to keep your head, shoulders, hips and heels aligned.

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Pose of the Day: TREE POSE - When the gaze is still, the mind is still and the body is still.

  • 1456 days ago via site
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GROUNDING POSE #5: PIGEON This floor pose will ground you, and release the hips and knees.

  • 1492 days ago via site
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GROUNDING POSE #4: CHAIR - Feel the power in your legs and know you are making a change by holding still.

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GROUNDING POSE #3: TEMPLE Hold your hips as low as your knees. Angle toes out slightly. Sink in, feel your power.

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GROUNDING POSE#2: TREE Balance by imagining you are a tree buried from the waist down. Root through your legs.

  • 1495 days ago via site
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GROUNDING POSE #1: “MOUNTAIN is the mother of all yoga poses." Within each pose, there is Mountain.

  • 1496 days ago via site
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Side Plank works the obliques. For a bonus challenge, raise the top leg.

  • 1502 days ago via site
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Creative abdominal exercise! From a Crescent Lunge, use your abs to slowly draw the knee to the chest.

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Balance poses engage your core strength. You are the center between heaven and earth.

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Knee to Forehead Plank... to work off that grilled cheese!

  • 1509 days ago via site
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FOREARM PLANK: In this pose you will really need to stay connected to your core to keep your back straight.

  • 1510 days ago via site
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If you don't have time to do crunches, have a good laugh today. Laughter is one of the best abdominal exercises!

  • 1511 days ago via site
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BOAT POSE: Connect to your sense of identity, willpower, desire. Follow your gut.

  • 1512 days ago via site
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TRIANGLE POSE: strength and flexibility of feet, legs, hips, back. Improves digestion/elimination. Opens chest.

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Vision Mat is where images of my goals and desires can permeate my subconscious while I am practicing yoga.

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Blooming in Springtime. Lotus.

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Begin your practice in Child's Pose. Connect to your true self that hasn't changed since you were 7.

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Be a beginner in all that you do today. See through the eyes of a child.

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Exercise is play - don't take it so seriously or worry about looking silly! Tap into a childlike spirit of joy!

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