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I was wondering if I crossed your mind the way that you crossed mine If one day our two hearts would become one and intertwine @AFFRM | @JrCitizens

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This is what I see any time I hear Karen White's voice

But why is anyone putting ketchup in spaghetti? RT : I'll kill u dead if u put some ketchup in my spaghe

like this?


RT : Halloween falls on a Friday the 13th this year for the first time in 666 years!! I'm totally stabbing

RT : Teen admits killing his mother & losing virginity to her corpse. http://t.co/yIhbtOTgfQ http://t.c

RT : Clearly imma have to let the choppa play duck duck goose in this office

This was so good... I want more

This still funny

RT : ... i don't even know where to start? http://t.co/zNbJ2E8Zs7