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Painter, illustrator and musician. I will drive you crazy in one way or another.

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Meet Frankenstein, we've become bros. It's probably because I own all the parsley.

Cutest infestation ever... Vertical Gutter Bunnies!

Sometimes, the worst is there to comfort you...

*Whew* wasn't scary at all. It's just Gary Sheffield and a rad hand drawn note. Thanks Chris! Check your mail soon.

It's always nice to get old skool fan mail but, this one is scary. So much tape! Ack! Knives Out!

Denis Savard is fin! The puck drops sooner than you think on this exhibition.

My current POV. Tretiak. Puck Drops Soon...

This is how SS2 starts, the opening statement if you will...

Allie-Gator even did her own hair. She's pumped about it...

Easter at "Na-Na's" is a cash cow! Good times...

My homie CJ Benninger shot this for Stealing Signs II. The 1st photo of me that I don't hate.

We decided to do some abstract collab pieces with these Polariods.
Should be rad if I can pull it off in time.

Then CJ got mad and fucked me up.

Photoshoot with the brilliant CJ Benninger today, they float!

Sometimes you just need some...

I'm proud of this. The graphics are the funnest / best Ive ever done. The rickkles comes in 2nd. Good dudes.

Thanks Hersh! Thanks Jenks!

You need one of these...

I'm still mad... Again, Sid you're a child.

I wanted too but, people cried. I will for the next one...