HIPPY HOP / Movement On Dreams x Stand Under None / #BlazedByTheBell 9.22.11 / featured in Rolling Stone mag / NO FANS, JUS FRIENDS

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New tanks innnnnn

Meetin 2 with Warner Bros done. Smoke time.

Platinum records everywhere you look.....

Meetin 1 @ live nation done. Now off to Warner Bros

I open up my orange suitcase to thiss. Party shii.

My room will be heavily partied in.

Sweets @ the W foohl.


Sushi party. They even got a Bloomington Roll. Thass cooh. Osaka.

About to go eat. Thinkin PF Changs @ southdale. OK

Preview of the Exclusive Modern Sunshine 420 shirts.

Sunrise. Weed nap time.

Hittin the post office to send out orders. Hit to be down with some cool.

Fruity pebble chronic krispie

Almost 4:20 for me. This what my eyes are seein. Real centered type shit. Happy four two oh.

Adding another dread to my mane.


Like i said....celebrating. Patron in honor of

All i been drinkin lately, Barenjager. Sooo good. Sooo tipsy. Bout to smack southdale mall.

Portable studioh. Creativity kicks in....