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DP, Cam Op, Shot consult, Steadicam own/op, Film/HD/4K/HDSLR/3D cam expert, photographer. w/ Rule Boston Camera, TS3Cine & shoot for Jaguar Land Rover USA

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doing something important with Arri Alexa, Kessler and Canon gear

Prepping the Arri Alexa for a pocket dolly shoot

Enjoying a nice Sushi lunch of Alligator roll and Spider Tempura. Its been a while.

Want to use Sony F3 for events or Sports? Check out our solution with full power zoom

Another pic of the FS100 cage minus anodize and top handle.

This FS100 Cage is super light and also doubles for a steadicam low mode bracket.

and myself rocking gear yesterday.

sets up a shot on the shuttle pod of the pocket dolly.

Yet Another pic of with alexa

Me rocking the Shuttle Pod system, KC Lite shooting sliders, pocket jib & dolly. Thanks

here is a pic putting it in perspective.

Shooting the pocket jib with Alexa. Best jib ever made hands down. Solid, adjustable, modular and mobile

using Arri Alexa for first time.

getting some hands on first time use with Arri Alexa for BTS

rocking the Alexa for the first time for some BTS footy

and myself on set today.

Enjoyed testing this today. Looking forward to more.

if you import video or image sequences you get a timeline.

New pic of FS100 cage minus handle & anodizing we are helping design and selling. Light and strong $300 with top handle

On the Pocket Jib with Revolution Head