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Filmmaker ('Fahrenheit 9/11'), author ('Stupid White Men'), citizen ('United States of America').

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Getting ready to go live with Tavis!

Real NYPD have shown up to move the Occupiers off the fake "OWS" set for Law & Order. A bit surreal.

300protesters have Occupied the Law&Order set- and now the police have shown up. Or are they actors?

"Law&Order" has built set, an "OccupyWallStreet" camp, in FoleySq- now real Occupiers have shown up!

I'm on Conan tonight!

With The Simpsons' creator Matt Groening, producer Al Jean and the esteemed James L. Brooks.

This afternoon, The Simpsons asked me to come by & record a track 4 the DVD of the episode I was on

Getting ready to go on the air at 9pm ET on Piers Morgan CNN. We're in LA but brought a NY attitude.

Musicians, artists, the creative community #OccupyBroadway (Times Square) right now.

Backstage @ Fordson High with the principal, teachers and students.

Speaking this afternoon @ Dearborn's Fordson High School where majority of students r Arab American

With my homes...

Last night in Flint, with a thousand or so old friends...

Organizers estimate it will take 45 minutes just for everyone to leave the rally for the march.

The march begins across the Brooklyn Bridge! #ows

#OWS protest spilling into streets as the police vans rool in. #n17

Thousands now occupying Foley Sq, NYC, just blocks from Wall Street. This has been a great day. #ows

Massive student rally in Union Square, NYC #ows #n17

Back at Zuccotti/Liberty Park -- Occupied again! #ows #n17

Nonviolent, peaceful American citizens being arrested at #OccupyWallStreet #n17