Michael Moore


Filmmaker ('Fahrenheit 9/11'), author ('Stupid White Men'), citizen ('United States of America').

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Tonite's walking partner - the hilarious Jeff Garlin from "Curb Your Enthusiasm".

Joined tonite on my 40-min walk by a friend who u may know from a great HBOshow. Whose feet r these?

A nice Sat nite walk. I was wondering, what do u do when, in the middle of the walk, u have 2, um...

After the walk, was too late for The 3 Stooges so I went 2 this movie (for 2nd time). A masterpiece.

I saw this on my walk tonite (35 min) and couldn't remember what is was. Anyone?

After a long but fast 50-minute walk, the socks have asked for the rest of the night off. Granted.

Somewhere between Taylor and Romulus...

No, this is walking. #miketakesawalk

Is this walking?

Yes, I'm sure I heard "cones." 30 min for today. #miketakesawalk

Success! 40 min of walking & now this gr8 book. The bookstore was sold out, so the owner sold me his

Ahh.. Michigan in April. Send me pix of what u see on your walk with me today... #miketakesawalk

1st non-urban walk...

Even while walking, can't get this film outta my head...

Here we go! Sunday in the rain...

Feet - Nature's Mass Transit"

Ticket purchased! I'm sure it's the winner!

Today's walking companion. He said"Sometimes I just need 2 take a walk & clear my head." Understood.

All signs seem to say walk.