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we all get a lifetime. what we do with it is up to us.

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Empire State misses you.

Falling back to sleep to this in my ears.

HaHa!! Love the / Tweets I just got.

Might be the wine talking.

Wish you (and GoW 3) were here.

Travel safe.

My beautiful family is at home while I'm here.

Miss them.

This is the middle guy.

My Sunday afternoon.

Ok. I gotta split. Will answer more others questions later tonight. 90+ more to sift through.

Also - I'm listening to Tribe Called Quest.

View from where I sit at work.

Empire State Bldg is why I'm here. It's a good story. I'll share it some time.

Still in traffic hell.

For those who asked ( ) - Mopar 10 Challenger.


Unexpected traffic jam.


I hate email. I was down to 45 yesterday morning.

Also - go get Shapemix mobile. It's free. Unpleasant Horse too.

your cat is a pussy

Also - I'm on the GSL wall of happy with some dudes who rock.

I knew people would think I was full of it.

Used my to buy it.

Love the points.

look - a design comp for a personality page in the new MLG site universe. is dreamy.

Just a thought...

Observed in the wild.

If you don't know this than you don't know Cee Lo.

200 mentions on twitter today so far. I guess the news from this AM was well received.

Alexis went on vacation.

Now he has this in his office.