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Oh, the work I put into a 5-second clip to improve a video… New vid coming today, guys!

Can't disagree with that!

HTC First is an AT&T exclusive, and will be available for $99.99. Preorders start today.

HTC and AT&T partner up to make the "HTC First" which is a smartphone with this launcher as default out of the box:

Facebook Home. On "select devices" starting April 12th. That's pathetic, sorry.

Just to clarify for those asking - Yes, Facebook Home is a launcher that replaces the stock one. No tablet support.

Facebook Chat Heads… I actually like this feature. Google, you taking notes for your unified messaging service? ;)

Facebook messaging experience is called "Chat Heads" … it manages message notifications better than iOS already haha

Swipe up from the bottom to get your pages of favorite apps, or go into the full app list. Not bad.

With Facebook Home, your lock screen… becomes a photo slideshow of your friends' Facebook photos. That's weird, man.

You can still get to all your apps through Facebook Home with a few gestures:

Facebook is making an Android launcher/homescreen. Facebook Home:

Whose RT fingers are ready?

It comes in white or black right at launch. I smell a #SuperNexus down the road.

So… Samsung… You want to talk about that processor at all? No?

The presentation is over. "Life Companion" is the official S4 tagline. So many weird things just happened!

The SView cover is neat, though. I'll probably pick one up. Has a slot to show key info in notifications:

"Smart scroll" moves down the page by tilting your phone up/down. Smart Pause pauses a video when you look away.

OH GOD Samsung this presentation is corny LOL