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Penetration Tester/Exploit Development. Huge Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct fan. Did I mention My obsession? The X-Files & Supernatural

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Please bring back The X-files ='( Something I did in Photoshop. What ya think?

  • 1375 days ago via site
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Hey Look at what I made for The X-Files 3 movie! Greenlight! Hope you like it! #XF3

  • 1396 days ago via site
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Here is the MK logo finished. Goin for MK1 look. Not sure if others think it's good. Still learning!

  • 1511 days ago via site
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What do you think of the reproduction MK1 side art I worked on? Small team of us got it done!

  • 1564 days ago via site
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Killer Instinct fans I call upon you! You still alive?!

  • 1619 days ago via site
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Welcome to good burger home of the good burger can I take your order? See the resemblance?

  • 1620 days ago via site
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What do you think of my Killer Instinct arcade machine restoration so far? Fresh new side art applied!

  • 1642 days ago via site
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Killer Instinct was and IS amazing! I'm restoring my KI arcade machine now!

  • 1659 days ago via site
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Pic from Killer Instinct arcade machine restoration video. You guys will look brand new! Designed nintendo CP art.

  • 1699 days ago via site
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Here's a test print of the Mortal Kombat 1 side art I worked on. I pretty much didn't sleep for 2 days. Almost rdy

  • 1699 days ago via site
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  • 1882 days ago via site
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If MK9 human smoke were black. lol

  • 2030 days ago via site
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  • 2034 days ago via site
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2nd W/ MK1 font. Hover over pic click full size image and save it. I hope you like it! Brandon Murphy

  • 2055 days ago via site
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I have made 2 banners for your site with diff. txt. Same size as the 1 u have. If u use just give creds

  • 2055 days ago via site
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Why I think MK HD Kollection case is fake. Would WB really make these mistakes? Sorry if it was alrdy done

  • 2098 days ago via site
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Just wanted to show a Chinese counterfeit Mortal Kombat action figure. They are known for mistakes

  • 2100 days ago via site
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Daddy's future Mortal Kombat Gamer!

  • 2202 days ago via site
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Future proj. Slight scr burn, missing light, put in coin mechs, back door gone, Will replace sideart and cp art =)

  • 2219 days ago via site
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This one is for =p Rayden MK1 fatality.

  • 2258 days ago via site
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