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sr. product designer at @jawbone. i miss tokyo (and sometimes new jersey)

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Found at the New Year’s Eve party I’m attending: #hpnotiq - bringing in 2013 right (, , )

My 7 year old niece’s favorite singers: Selena Gomez (Justin Bieber is out), Beyonce, Katy Perry, & Blue Ivy (!!!)

cvs spelled yoself wrong on its giftcards #treatyoself //

Brought a Christmas colored Jambox to my friend’s holiday party. Remix yours

down .13%. 9 more product launches and apple will be down more than 1%!

someone in SF is trying to ruin your name.

clear your week.

found the issue… they are all waiting for airport runs.

Doug really does own a box fleece…

I bought 20 yesterday... You’d think Apple would consolidate items on the receipt

From the Stanford vs USC game earlier…

when given an iPad and a nexus tablet, you chose the apple product.

Want to see stress? Take him to a boxing match.

he also uses an iPad…

he also uses an iPad…

he also uses an iPad…

current status: .

my review of the new google nexus 7 tablet. #hatedit

From the party last night… , , and

have you seen my fridge?

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