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With over 450,000 objects in the collection, the MFA is one of the world's most comprehensive art museums. Visit us in Boston or on Facebook or YouTube.

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Headed for Haiti! Wood protecting the #contemporary wing floor goes to a new hospital. Thanks to Shawmut &

  • 1884 days ago via site
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Ellsworth Kelly's "Blue Green Yellow Orange Red" will be no wallflower when the contemporary wing opens Sept 17.

  • 1896 days ago via site
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Get closer. Where have you seen this at the MFA?

  • 1904 days ago via site
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Aside from "the curiosity of the cows, the occasion was not momentous” The understated Hopper, #Vermont 1939

  • 1905 days ago via site
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Who Let the Colonials Out? These John Singleton Copley portraits jumped their frames. Why don't you join them?

  • 1912 days ago via site
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Get closer. Where have you seen this at the MFA?

  • 1945 days ago via site
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Attendance suddenly dropped in 1896. What momentous societal shift was to blame? Bicycling!

  • 1947 days ago via site
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The King and I. In '91 curator Eleanor Sayre received a Gold Medal from King Juan Carlos for her work on Goya.

  • 1954 days ago via site
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You can visit with casts of Venus and Minerva in the upper rotunda any time!

  • 1961 days ago via site
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Three’s Company. 1903 view, 3 gents from the plaster casts collection fight for elbow room on a crowded pedestal

  • 1961 days ago via site
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A 1971 MFA exhibition featured a Lowry Burgess work with crocus-filled blocks of ice placed on the Charles River.

  • 1968 days ago via site
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Get closer. Where have you seen this at the MFA?

  • 1974 days ago via site
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The Russian Judge Gives it a “2.” Only kidding, these are volunteers celebrating a fundraising campaign in 1967.

  • 1982 days ago via site
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Get closer. Where have you seen this at the MFA?

  • 1988 days ago via site
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During WWII this Egyptian bust was evacuated and a plaster copy was made- and dressed #art

  • 1996 days ago via site
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Chihuly tossed glass spheres in a river & when teenage boys went after them in boats he replicated the effect.

  • 2000 days ago via site
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Our eyes are on Marclay’s #TheClock today. 24-hour screening in Sept at the contemporary wing opening #boston #art

  • 2002 days ago via site
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Dancing With the Stars–Of Art. In these 1960s photos costumed dancers perform in the European galleries.

  • 2003 days ago via site
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