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Occupy Wall St. fb "Why is Denmark the happiest country in the world"
The secret to success.
Why are we told we are undeserving? #UniteBlue #tcot

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E Warren: "We've had enough..." Indeed. #UniteBlue

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From Worldwide Strike for Freedom on fb
"Feudalism Then & Now" We are where? icymi #tcot #UniteBlue

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From Joshua Lucanto on fb. "War is when your gov't tells you who enemy is. Revolution is when you figure it out for yourself."

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"What the US is supposed to be...What we pretend it is...What it actually is..."

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Via The Party of Scrooge fb- History of American Politics

“There is nothing more patriotic than protest.”

Our Kids and Grand Kids, will have to save this country from the Censorship that Conservatives are working hard to install all over this Country.. #UniteBlue

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Bernie Sanders fb post: FDR on the impact of "organized money" controlling gov't. #UniteBlue

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Progressive Ins really is progressive!

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Common Cause
Senate voted 2 move forward on Democracy 4 All constitutional amend 2 rein in political spending.

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13Candidates want to sell off our land for drilling, mining, and logging.

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via DU When it comes 2 healthcare #GOTea is reduced to this pathetic position.
Hospitals kill ppl.

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Taxing PENSIONS make sense? vote RW
Anyone have a spare MARK SCHAUER yard sign near Davisburg?

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We need an open discussion on improving our economic system. #GreedKills #UniteBlue

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BOYCOTT Burger King! UnAmerican business practices. They don't deserve our $$. #UniteBlue #libcrib

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From The Blue Street Journal fb
An excellent point from 1 of my former students. HobbyLobby
Via The Left Compass

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Via MoveOn on fb

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From The Blue Street Journal on fb
Who bailed out the banks during the financial crisis? #tcot focus on GREED!

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From TRACE on fb

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Chris Hedges quote via The Mind Unleashed fb
"We Now Live in a nation..."

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