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Piss time with Zoohahaha. This is why I love her

Big screen double VYRT!

So here's my punk/rock/hardcore page! Like it anybody?

So here's my Disney princess page and Harry potter page!!


Oh god I love hurt myself ;__; <33

Cute Meth and Art moment! Aww :'3

30 STM cover art! How's it lookin?

Echelon does this look like Jared to you?

So here's my almost complete page from my research book! Still a part of the diorama stuff

So tired! But art was a success!! Finished with my oil!

The background of my diorama page! Took the whole day to cut the circles but I'm happy :)

Cutting up circles! Fingers in agony but this is gonna look so pretty! *_*

Drew my sister sleeping! Not too shabby eh? #seeimagoodtwin

My dog sunbathing with her glares yo B-)

you know you're going in my portfolio for college right?

#YouknowyouliveinIndiawhen you have fresh mango juice everyday thru April and May

My oil! So much happier today!!

So how's this reply to the asshole who's dissing Gerard?

Can everyone just send this asshole some hate?