i keep dancing on my own - 17

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Lugano >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I could've used this as my new dp/icon too... *happy me*

I don't remember having this icon...

I guess I'm being dumb again, but what is this?

Look at my amazing drawing of New York. lol.

I can't guess your drawing btw...



What is this?

"omg, it's a double rainbow all across!" LMAO

This part of this song >>>>>

Should I use this as my new icon/dp? Tell meeehh!

I guess "cba to draw" means "I have noidea how to draw it"? :D

Love this song.

Why is J-Lo driving a Fiat? lol

Someone tell what this is.

omg, I though you were drawing a faceeee lmao

hm. What's this?

What's this? o.O