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.. #seizetheday

's etch a sketch of me...

They're... All... TL's... Omgomgomg. Acura, can I just, maybe like, I don't know.. HAVE ONE FOR FREE?

Looks like the Greek flag. Ehhhh

LOL.. 'NO Alcohol or Tobacco permitted" Like this is really gonna stop people.. #fnl

So happy I pre ordered Halo 4 Limited Edition :') #halo4

I found

Smoking, Drinking coffee, on the phone.. & of course... Driving. #multitaskingboss


Poked my fhukin eye out with a wire..

Dem new work boots

Oh yeah what a cool bus..

Okay okay..


Who's menchies is better?!

Got my first cut at work, used green tape as a bandage ;;)

's bored..

You mean this thing? ;)

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