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I'm the author of Pigskin Paleo, a #Primal #Paleo cookbook. I shoot people and manage projects at @SPYRmedia. I tweet Paleo Porn.

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A new definition of Primal? #Primal #Paleo #fail

I'm not denying I have a problem, and the culprit is Pinterest!

Bacon, bacon everywhere...even in my inbox! ;) (cc: )

I'm really not crazy, even Google can see what I see

Good advice "big jumbo asses" and look at the 4th link down...yup, that's my site :p

We got a Starbucks party goin on up in here with Magda, &

Are you ready for some foootballlllll? (My car is finally pumped and ready!) #Bears

When Alpha sees a bug on the window, his inner Spider-cat instincts are enabled :) #fb

Apparently Facebook thinks I need a reminder

Spinach & salmon salad for breakfast and now Broccoli & Sausage Quiche for lunch. I'm 2 for 2 today! #fb

. How does Facebook know you're two people?!

Went with Amanda to get our nails done (for the last time before she moves next week) Can you guess who is who? #fb

I don't remember Echo being this tiny. Our new little Alpha is smaller than the length of my arm #EchoMemories #fb

Just chillin after laser therapy. Echo had some back issues :( #fb

We got a hot one tonight!!

Chip Cheers to you :)

Can you guess where we are? :) #fb

A picture will have to do for now. *Clinks mug of green tea* Cheers! :)