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Ha! Great Counter-Productive Marketing. New Business Motto: TFT- Shittiest Sounds Known To Man.

RIP Michael. Welcome Maika:

Don't stop til you get enough.

Really? Is this it? This is a reason?

I thought gang members were supposed to mark their territory? How credible is this 'territory':

This tree is not a sight seen in FL. Thank you WA for bringing me new. BOPE!:

Is this Minneapolis's idea of a Po-Boy??!?!?!$&:&/$-)772&//&@" omg.

Good news! I figured out how to be a "rockstar":

Forgot this!:

Pulling up to this gas pump, I thought I discovered an oversized toddler regurgitating in the trash. Optical illusion?!

Bar Redemption:

You know what this means! :

Even curbs are inspirational in Orlando haha:

Halestorm. Got the science of
The Female Frontman down. Ha. Chevelle up next!

What a sweet. That's turkey sausage btw. Not liver.

My appreciation for the cultural background of hookah runs deep... In my lungs... On occasion...

Adira Naeli Maile. Hours short of becoming a day old!

Ppl have questioned me on the whereabouts of my home hair cuttery. Here you go:

Mike Jackson's clothing line is joccin yo swag nigga. Check them.

Yanks game in the other O-town. Damon holdin it down for Dr. Phillips as well.