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Trying to live a peaceful and stress free life! Stay positive even when the negative face you! Do you! Live life! Peace be with you!

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this what a bowlegged chick look like!

: Coolest dude though was Joe Flacco. Regular dude.” This how cool Flacco is after the Patriots game!

Just like this “ What if we lost our rings like Sonic. EVERY TIME we walked past an ugly person in public?”

something like this! Good morning!

: Honey Nut Cheerios tho That may be the funniest ever.” He decided to have himself a bowl this morning!

do anybody remember Ronin Warriors?

What you think?

Since I am driving into the city it would only be right to blast this! Find out what’s all the hype is about!

Have you ever felt like this?

What more can I say?

need to listen to this!

Forgot to post the pic

I think I just found one! It doesn’t take long to come up with these!

her, but it sure in hell surprise the sh*t out her! Just aim it at her head, I promised! Be startled and shit!

download that new #WUBLOCK by & ! One of the best collaboration out!

download that new #WUBLOCK by & ! One of the best collaboration out!

Yo I remember what said bout those wavy’s so I went to the store grab me a bag! Protect yoself

one if my top producers and Mc’s out there hands down!

Psycho, I’m liable to go Michael, take ya pick
Tyson, Jackson, Jordan, Game Six

yes it can! Because you are awesome! Always remember that!