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I do alot of thinkin an not alot of talkin but when I do talk muthafukerz listen. If I can relate I will retweet. Know watch a pawn become a king !

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Your boi motherless, what !

A niggaq drunk WHAT !

Ayi Pa you drunk, so early may bru !

#epic day today !

D J. Do it yourself !

Amel Larrieux And liquor, Good Morning, Good Afternoon an Good night !

' Avicci - Silhouettes '. Need to hear this track all weekend ! #myshit

It is !

Watching Tennis ! Smoking a spliff an thinking once upon a time I wished for this kind O life know I'm living it ! T.G

About 2 light this bitch up in the lounge, feelin like bad mother fucker as I watch Tennis ! Today was defo a good day !

Shes not a girl, if Sara Paillin was born in Compton she would be like Maralise !! A.k.a Marra !

Guilty ! Thalib ! Bully ! The Merchants of Venice ! hahahahaha. Ma fuckin lill homiez !

The big Homie Nasty Nicks ! A married motherfucker !

Guilty a.k.a Bruce ! Ma fuckin lill homiez !

Guilty a.k.a Bruce !

Da Gea a.k.a JemA !

Sleepy a.k.a Sleeepingzzzzz. May bru !

Appreciate the fake friends you have cause they show how important your real one's are !!! #Goodnight

What's 1 loss on ur way 2 glory.

Lookin Devilish