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I do alot of thinkin an not alot of talkin but when I do talk muthafukerz listen. If I can relate I will retweet. Know watch a pawn become a king !

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Every second every minute ...

. " Peer Pressure's a Mother fucker " ! ahahahaha

If you asked me what the best movie ever made is, I'm a say its Friday, has to be. #BlackClassic.

TF you stealing boxes for, you tryna build a club house #LMAO. #friday

Brake Yoself Foool. #LMAO #High. #Friday

Why though ? Cause some chicks believe anything their told ! #ifonlyyouknew. #gamerecognizesgame

Niggaz like me never prosper prognosis of a problem child I'm proud an well devoted ... . - Sing about me

Seen dreams unfold an nightmares come true

LittLe NiggA But I'm Lion hearted !

I was born with 1 fuck to give in life an it goes to #UNITED


I don't really need a Mansion, garage full of cars or a flock of bitches. #Realtalk

Breakfast. @ 14:30 #manVShunger #man1 #hunger0

A night with the family.

Cash is still king ! #hoodmorning