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I do alot of thinkin an not alot of talkin but when I do talk muthafukerz listen. If I can relate I will retweet. Know watch a pawn become a king !

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Kee December Boss ! ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK


Need Lots A rest hectic weekend ahead !

No education babe !

lmfao for days. #Crazzy #Normal #Truth #Dead

It actually hurts my feelings loOooOol



Busy with fifa until all hell breaks loose in the Premier League. #Verybusy

Jesus the Notorious Just Pleased us with a lyrical thesis, #thememusic

BiG 5 ! My main-o's gifted like that. Need #art SO.ON !

Skrillex ft Damian Marley - Make it bun den [M.Video] #Rudeboy like a #Phoenix #Sick

The dumbest shit I've ever seen #love to watch #R.C.O.L #unmissable #funnyA.F #Theladies

My Uncle/Cousin/Godfather/inspiration/Mentor/2nd Dad Louwellyn an his beautiful wife Carla. #Family

What 1ce was don't hate the player hate the game is know a player with tears in his eyes n puppet strings out his ass !