A very happy Mommy, Political Activist, Animal Lover, Harley Rider. I am not on Facebook and I don't text message, I'm too busy trying to save the world! :0)

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I also tweeted this about the importance of #transparency on Jan 30th after the attack on . #OWS #p2 #p21

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I agree w/ about the importance of transparency in #OWS. Here's a tweet I tweeted about it from 1/30

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Here's me as a blonde in 2010. I enjoyed it while I could but it wrecked my hair! #FunWhileItLasted :0)

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I got up extra early to check on my bike B4 going to work. Isn't she a beauty?! *Sigh* How many days until Spring?

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Hanging out with fellow occupier Jesse LaGreca after #OccupyCongress on #J17 in D.C.

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Me at the Dr. King memorial on #J16. This was the 1st year that an actual monument of him existed on #MLK day.

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I tweeted this a week ago about #TimTebow fans and I still think it applies. #DoubleStandard much??

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Here's the poster I made to take to D.C. on #J17. I am SO excited! #OccupyCongress #OccupyWallStreet #Occupy #OWS

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Me on #J3 in NYC protesting the #NDAA, The paper I'm holding has the famous quote by Ben Franklin on Liberty. #OWS

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Nick snapped this pic of me standing on some of the barricades. It was pretty awesome there tonight. #OccupyNYE

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Here's a pic of the pile of barricades that many of us were dancing on tonight at #OccupyNYE HAPPY NEW YEAR! #OWS

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. here's our application to #OccupyCongress on their 1st day back to work on #Jan17 I am so EXCITED! #OWS

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#OccupyChristmas 2011 me @ #LibertySquare w/ retired Philadelphia Police Captain Ray Lewis. What a cool dude! #OWS

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On Xmas, which is now SO commericalized that the TRUE meaning is lost, the 99% will light special candles 4 the 1%

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Props to whoever designed this. I whole heartedly AGREE with you! #OccupyCongress Jan 17th! #p2 #tcot #OWS #Occupy

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To and every other obnoxious, Hollywood douche who refuses to acknowledge the cronyism on wall street

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If we continue to be silent on the militarization of American police departments, we will lose our democracy. #OWS

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#p2 This is the sign I marched on Wall Street with on the 2 month anniversary of #OccupyWallStreet #OWS aka #N17

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Here I am with Jhoddie on the 1 month anniversary of #OWS. I can't believe in 3 days, it will be 2 months already!

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#NYPD allowed us onto the Brooklyn Bridge and then herded us like cattle once we were part of the way across. #OWS

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