A very happy Mommy, Political Activist, Animal Lover, Harley Rider. I am not on Facebook and I don't text message, I'm too busy trying to save the world! :0)

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Dear #pundits in our 'liberal' #media if you think last night's debate didn't sway voters, u need to look at this!

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Here is my original tweet that garnered so much outrage from the right wing. I stand by it 100%! #p2 #p21 #tcot

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The Pittsburgh #Steelers may be 2-3 this year but my pup #Jedi still dons the jersey for his Mommie. #IloveDogs!

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This may possibly be one of THE dumbest conservative tweets I've EVER read and that says a lot b/c I've seen many!

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Matt is to political cartoons what 's is to political podcasts: brilliant! #p2 #p21

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Hey #tcot the states with taxpayers who pay the LEAST amount of taxes are ALL right wing states! #Freeloaders #p2

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The #CitizensUnited effect on our elections. Do u REALLY want picking our next Supreme Court Justice?!

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THIS is just 1 of the disgusting tweets tweeted by . Hey you need to ban him immediately!

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Hey & say what u want about President , the man has a sense of humor! #p2 #tcot

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The media also barely covered the camera woman who had nuts thrown @ her. #MSM is a joke! Checkout #p2

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Wow an amazing graph via and why #IamNotaRepublican #GOP2012 #EpicFAIL

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A pic of the gorgeous flowers given to me by my boyfriend . I'm a lucky girl, he's smart AND sweet :)

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I knew I would enjoy being a "Doggie Mom" but I never thought I would enjoy it THIS much. It's so much FUN! #Jedi

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My bf and our adorable new puppy Jedi! We were not prepared for his cuteness. He's a #Jedi indeed!

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My name is #Jedi and The Force is with me! #Yoda :0)

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Gee #tcot for a guy who claims to want to cut our deficit, sure LOVES to spend our tax dollars!

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I am powerless in the presence of this puppy, he truly IS a #Jedi! I love em SO much!

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I haven't been able to tweet much lately because I've been house-training this adorable puppy whom I've named JEDI

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with celebrating 10 YEARS of at #NN12! CONGRATULATIONS MARKOS your site ROCKS! #p2

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Thank You for introducing me to at #NN12! As you can see, I was thrilled! #p21 #p2

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