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There is no such thing as a "Compassionate Conservative" & there never was! #CPAC #tcot #GOP Self centered haters!

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Liberals it has long eluded us but I have FINALLY found evidence of a openly Gay Republican. Yes at least 1 exists

  • 1147 days ago via site
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Here we go AGAIN, the #GOP is banging the war drum. Guess a few military contractors want to make some money! #p2

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The roses got me for #ValentinesDay still look beautiful 5 days later. I just #love them :0)

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Heads up--> calls anyone who disagrees with him a c#nt. & the #GOP wonders why their party is dying. LOL

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Checkout this guy's bio, what on earth in my timeline would make him to follow me? I ALWAYS attract the loons! #p2

  • 1214 days ago via site
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This PROUD #pot smoker --> admits to being lazy right in her #twitter bio. LMAO! I rest my case.

  • 1217 days ago via site
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Here's the twitter bio of a Teaparty member. Is it any wonder why they've become irrelevant? #tcot #teaparty #fail

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Dear and other congressional #Democrats ready to sell out hard working Americans, READ THIS! #p2 #p21

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I'm thinking about going back to being a #blonde, what do you all think?

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THIS is why unions are being decimated, the right wing keeps spewing this sort of anti-union propaganda! #p2 #p21

  • 1238 days ago via site
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HA! Even people who read right wing rag agree that if a deal isn't made, Republicans will get the blame!

  • 1252 days ago via site
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Once again the AMAZING cartoonist Matt hits it out of the park with President Obama's #Thanksgiving! #p2

  • 1259 days ago via site
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#p2 Here's how out of touch was, he predicted Romney would win FL, IA, VA, CO, AND OH! LMAO! #tcot #fail

  • 1267 days ago via site
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All #Conservatives said for 4 yrs is how easy it would be to beat & it wasn't even close! #tcot #FAIL

  • 1270 days ago via site
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Wanna a good laugh? Look @ this Electoral College Map keeps showing, they have Romney winning WI, IA & NH

  • 1281 days ago via site
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Ingraham implied that our Vice President was drunk a.k.a. "on a bender" in Youngstown, OH. Keep it classy Laura!

  • 1282 days ago via site
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Here's a sampling of the #hate I receive from #tcot men on EVERY day! Then they block me so I can't reply

  • 1285 days ago via site
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Republican men are going to find out just how MANY of us are #ProChoice in this election! #VOTE #ObamaBiden2012

  • 1286 days ago via site
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This is from an article on Out of 534156 people, 53% said won the 3rd debate! #p2 #tcot :)

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