A very happy Mommy, Political Activist, Animal Lover, Harley Rider. I am not on Facebook and I don't text message, I'm too busy trying to save the world! :0)

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One of my FAVORITE pictures of my daughter Janis. I can't believe she's going to be one next month! #BabyGirl

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You can't have a skateboard in a grocery store but you CAN have an automatic weapon! #WTF?!

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Beautiful flowers from Isaac

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Hey here's a pic of me and and your Dad's girlfriend at Netroots 2012. #GoodTimes :0)

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#MothersDay is now my FAVORITE holiday! I love you Janis, xoxo

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I LOVE this pic of me and my canine son #Jedi! He's the sweetest dog ever!

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My canine son #Jedi giving #Janis a kiss as we celebrated his 2nd birthday yesterday. He's such a SWEET dog! :0)

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My daughter Janis after she woke up this morning. She's such a happy baby--especially in the morning :0)

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Janis in her pink bear suit before we took our afternoon walk in #CentralPark. I LOVE my baby girl SO MUCH!

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My baby girl can hold her bottle by herself, she's growing up SO fast! I'm trying to savor every second of it.

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#PeopleWhoMadeMy2013 my beautiful, baby girl Janis LaGreca. You amaze me more and more everyday! #NewMom

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My #baby daughter Janis in her Santa Suit on Christmas Day. Look closely you can see our dog Jedi's snout too :0)

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How can I ever be in a bad mood when THIS adorable face greets me every morning? I love you Janis! #HappyMommy :0)

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My daughter, Janis Maddow, one day after she was born.

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It's been 8 days since my daughter was born & I'm still beaming w/pride as much as I was in this picture. #NewMom

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"Janis LaGreca" born on Oct 29th, 2013 at 8:23 am. Me & Daddy have never been SO happy! :0)

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Claiming to be "The Party of Lincoln" while waving a Confederate Flag is the GOP's idea of 're-branding' #tcot #p2

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HA! Even on , the beltway drum banging website, 69% of respondents blame Republicans for the #shutdown!

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THIS is what #ObamaCare IS! It is NOT free, it is not government run & it does NOT include death panels! #p2 #tcot

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The polling site on West 93rd Street on the Upper West Side in #Manhatan has been moved to PS84 on West 92nd & CPW

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