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#Hull #EDL admin 'jokes' on #Facebook about meting #violence out to #Anglo #Pakistanis using #cricket #bat

  • 2390 days ago via site
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Bill Baker #ENA #EDL against Judaism being practised in #England & #Jews + #Muslims must assimilate or leave #SIOA

  • 2394 days ago via site
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#EDL LGBT founder #JoeBloggs / #HomoSapien talks about voting for #BNP

  • 2396 days ago via site
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#EDL #Roberta #Moore praises #Satan, lies about what G-d means in Hebrew!! & says "It's not bad to kill BAD people who are not really people but evil beings in the body of humans" (she means Muslims)

  • 2401 days ago via site
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#EDL member, angry at Bradford's rejection says: "when the civil war comes lets see what you think of the EDL then when your crying for our protection"

  • 2402 days ago via site
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#EDL 's Roberta Moore/Morrigan Emaleth/Dunn says Satan is 'kind' & gives wrong Hebrew. Hebrew scholar explains:

  • 2404 days ago via site
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#EDL 's Roberta Moore/Morrigan Emaleth links to website from BNP Wales

  • 2404 days ago via site
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The applied-for mark for SIOA refers to Muslims in a disaparaging manner & implies that conversion to Islam needs to stop, & associates Islam with terror & threats of violence

  • 2405 days ago via site
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'Roberta Moore' aka 'Morrigan Emaleth' sends open complaint to Miriam Shaviv, for her article published The Jewish Forward

  • 2405 days ago via site
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#EDL 's semi-fictitious "#Jewish" division facebook group deleted, confirmed by Brazilian spokesperson 'Roberta'

  • 2405 days ago via site
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Brazilian spokesperson for #EDL 's "Jewish" Division, 'Roberta', joined the #BNP 's facebook group!

  • 2406 days ago via site
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EDL Southport plans 1st meeting to organise entry into "the breeding grounds" of Bradford

  • 2406 days ago via site
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  • 2407 days ago via site
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