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Too many feels.

Thoughts of having surgery. Last episode of #DoctorWho before Christmas. #Sherlock. RL. So many feels. *sigh

Have you finished ALL your chores before #DoctorWho tonight?

OMG! I just got feels for any #Whovians getting MARRIED. TODAY.

MT : I wanna touch butts for a living. Nice butts. Not old man butts." (With one exception. He's 1200)

She was just too young to touch the TARDIS.

": Me voy a hacerle una estatua a Hiddles. (?)"

": David Tennant has great teeth. Did anyone else notice that?" No. It's just part of a perfect package.

": Andrew Asdfghjkl Scott."

*hugs* I forgive you. You're still a fantastic #Whovian for starting #ThomasThursday

Stocking up in Kleenex tissues.

": We won 8-1!" Congratulations!

": How are you guys ?" I'm good. Just chillin'

There, there. Jawn will forgive you. In time, #Whovians will forgive me.

If watching the #Ponds leave is TOO painful, he can help for forget...

HE is SO ready for this...

So you watched #RiverSong die. Want to watch her parents die too?

Look at what I DID NOT buy today. #GoldenAgeCollectables