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Uni student, Colombian with some American upbringing currently residing in Canada, hopeless romantic, and rambler. I'm into fashion, languages, and love songs.

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because Facebook won't let me post this on your wall; the pretty Medellin Christmas lights I mentioned in the Falls

Waiting for Coldplay to come on!

Thunder and lightning, reminds me of the Brandon Flowers song. Hope no trees are uprights by crazy winds like last time!

The death of a Colombian joke/saying #limonaditademango

I like the clouds today

This is actually pretty good. Not bad, F'real, not bad at all.

Walked into Shopper's and see this creeping behind a display. I actually screamed...

Someone paid with a Mexican quarter at work... American quarters I can understand, but Mexican lol #random

Thaw where the sticker used to be on my Asian pear... so I guess I ate it

I want one

November 2010 editor's letter on Vanity Fair. The last sentence of that paragraph is loltastic

Power's out everywhere. The traffic lights aren even working...

Best chocolate milk I've ever had!

It looked like it was going to rain when I walked to work. Now I just look silly carrying this around!

Get to work and see this. Goodness me, why wasn't I told?! I could have slept in... -___-

Absolutely in love with my new hair color! It makes all my hair accessories pop!

there's jut something so satisfying about coloring in a picture ^_^

No kids at work yet, so I'm blowing bubbles to pass the time