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Good Game, Constance, Me & The Bishop Don "Majic" Juan @ the 2011 Player's Ball - Hollywood, CA!

OMG! The Serving Spoon on Centinella done lost dey damn mind! $90.00 for CHITTERLINGS? Seriously? It's the end of the world! LOL

Me & @ the Moonlight Skating rink Marine Toy Drive. Thanx !

Gary Peyton, me & Darius McCrary @ FOXHOLE!

Hit up You Tube & chk out the new video by CMG (of The Conscious Daughters) & Truth Hurts, feat. ME called "All My Life"! Here's a pic fr the shoot!

The room of a teenage girl! Imma beat that ASS & throw of this shit AWAY! Chk w/me later....:(

Who makes this much Gumbo? My Auntee Liza Mae does, 4 ME! This is 2 pots full n a huge wash bowl! Loardie!!!!

Holy Shitballs Batman! My Other niece just slipped n the exact same spot! Haaaaaaaaaa!!!!

My poor, beautiful niece bit the dust in the rain....Bwhahahahahahaha!!!!

On a break fr pickin' greens. Eatin' pearch fish!

And THIS was Yesterday! How did we DIGEST all this food!

This is how we got down yesterday here n the "Durdy South"!

Me & the very "dainty" Coach Beast fr GLEE!!!!

It's official! My 2nd Adam Sandler flik iz n tha can! An animated work of art called "Hotel Transylvania"! Trust me, I sin't seen NUTHIN like ThiS!!! Thanx again Adam!

Me & Gen u Fine!!!!

Me & Quentin, "Blind Side" @ R & B live Wed. night! Sorry I'm late! Lol

My daughter (L) & the homie on their was 2 Chris Brown's concert last night! Yea!!!

My daughter (L) & the homie on their was 2 Chris Brown's concert last night! Yea!!!

Note fr my daughter, PLEADING w/me! Lol...Gotta luv her!

Is this TOO "Black"? Me & my daughter snackin' on the smoked neckbones fr my greens.....4 breffas!!!! Lol