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Tried . Lots of traffic, only one interaction. One more than expected.

Not sure if I did something wrong or you.

There is a spam bot that mentions me too often. Else I like the new mentions report by

My new cover for everyone who can't see it. /cc

The slow death of my german blog. #stats

Your profile shows your old twitter handle for some reason.

Greetings from .

At the moment I am generating templates for This one isn't from me. Obviously. #startuplife

I like the new . Dashboard and profile.

I like the new . Dashboard and profile.

Hält sich in Grenzen. Mache sowas auch als Auftragsarbeit. Damals aber für das eigene Startup .

“We Just Added $ 45.52 To Your Account” #yay

Ja. Damit wir beim Launch einige tolle Leute und Services haben. Sieht dann so circa aus

The chart is ready. Time to start writing. #services #contentflow

It gets complicated. I think I should try to visualize it differently. #contentflow #services

Need a faster computer. Social Graph analysis at about one image per minute.

My desktop. I think someone asked. Quite boring. #startuplife

While I support what you say, you are comparing a product page to a shop page. This is the envy page.

Yay. #4S

Ten hours later. #halloween (I even got some work done in between.)