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Give a big Aussie welcome to Kirrhi and Dane, two new cuddly additions to Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo. Find the 2 year old koalas in Wallaroo Station alongside Wallaby Walkabout, also home to two yellow-footed rock wallabies. Both are marsupials, meaning they carry their young in a pouch. A koala can spend up to 20 hrs/day sleeping socializing or eating their favorite diet of eucalyptus leaves the rest of the day. Come see just how cute our newest residents are!

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Meet the newest additions to the Zoo family and Wallaroo Station - yellow-footed rock wallabies. http://bit.ly/cTjXwO. (Picture by Tad Motoyama, L.A. Zoo)

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The Indian Rhinos got a cool summer treat this morning in celebration of Jaya’s 1st birthday.

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Stay cool this weekend and make a splash in one of the many water play areas at the Zoo. Don't forget about our Father's Day special either: http://ow.ly/20u9d

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White Elephant Sale Preview photo: Meet "The Bones Crew."

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White Elephant Sale Preview photo: Meet "The Bones Crew."

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Today is Buttercup’s, the Zoo’s female lowland anoa, 1st birthday! A dwarf cousin to the water buffalo, the lowland anoa is found throughout the islands of Celebres in Eastern Indonesia. Their horns are used to protect against predators and from getting tangled in forest brush. Wish Buttercup a happy birthday in the Asian Gardens area, across from the sloth bear exhibit.

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Happy birthday to the cheetah brothers, Chaka and Gahiji, who turn 5 years old today. You can see Chaka and Gahiji in the Ituri forest habitat area at the Zoo. Cheetahs are the worlds fastest land mammal and can reach speeds of up to 65 mph in short bursts. Be sure to race to the Zoo and wish them a happy birthday

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Happy Birthday Maddie! Maddie, a female Clouded leopard at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo turns 9 years old today! Since clouded leopards are nocturnal, visit Maddie in the late afternoon for the best chance to see her.

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The southern white rhinoceros calf closely follows mother "Kidogo" for a trot around the exhibit. Born the day after the Grevy's zebra foal, the two newest Zoo additions (Grevy's zebra & white rhino) share the same exhibit in the Zoo's Safari Africa area.

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The Zoo welcomes the 1st white rhino calf in Zoo’s history day after Grevy's zebra birth.

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The Zoo welcomes the 1st white rhino calf in Zoo’s history day after Grevy's zebra birth.

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It’s a girl! Come see the Zoo’s newest addition, a female Grevy’s zebra born last Wed.

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Happy birthday to Cyrus, the Zoo’s male siamang and father of 7 mo. old Malu.

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Have you met our new Visayan warty pigs yet? This boar is native to the Visayan islands of the central Philippines. Considered critically endangered (IUCN), they get their name from the fleshy “warts” visible – thought to assist as a natural defense again

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The Zoo's shoebill stork chick, now 1 mo. old, continues to quickly grow and develop.

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The Florida black bear is the largest native land mammal in Florida and can weigh up to 300 lbs. As the name suggests, this nocturnal bear subspecies is found in small pockets throughout Florida. The black bear is also found in Alaska, Canada and a few re

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Happy birthday to Dee Dee! The Zoo's Bornean orangutan, and mother to baby RanDee, turns 30 today.

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Not only is this African shoebill stork chick adorable, it's also the only one in North America! http://ow.ly/THPi

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Today is National Cupcake Day! Thanks to the new Sweet Shoppe, Zoo guests can enjoy delicious gourmet cupcakes and more. Stop in soon for your own tasty treat!

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