@BieberPoppin is my nigga and you aint got nothin bout it. Forever And Always «3. Im a MUSLIM EGYPTIAN BELIEBER AND PROUD

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This happened to me because I was running like a bitch when I read "new boyfriend teaser"

haya can take this :D

God, is gorgeous.

How it went down in the studio with and :'D

Oh my gosh, has swag.

I love you<3

yeaah I've sent it, if you didn't get it, then that's it :)

A bad intention to make some of jelly xD but it tastes good tho..

One of the small things in life that make u smile <3

We Love Justin's New Photoshoot <3 glad that it showed who the real fans are :)

here you go, that's my photo for Zayn's Birthday Video :)

That's my photo for Zayn's B-D :D

When I saw 'Dimple House' I thought of this the first ever :') SO CUTE

That's it xD

That's it :D

This is making me tear up.. Look how happy #Chustin is :'(

Just found this on tumblr.. JUSTIN IS A SEXPANTHER

My sleeping beauty <3

MY CAT :D She's like "Bitch, make meh look fabulous" Could yall see that purple thing on her neck?

He's gonna be 18 soon.. Can you believe it? He is not a kid anymore.. He's our man! :')