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Lol ... I love my BlackBerry internet history today ... #bullshit

Hihi got the pensil case i've ordered this week end :)

Xmas time already for me haha

Wanted to buy it to my friend because everytime i talk about HP she's really wet ...

she posted it after the Snow White pic... Notice the suits + the Balenciaga bag

look at what she posted after the Snow White pic. She looks devastated, right ?

Here is the pic guys. Sorry for the "credits" i don't know who posted it first. Nice Balenciaga bag bitch ...

Cutting the watermelon as if it was Ruper's head #therapy

oh and her left with her ? Ohhh nice leather black face then Rupert.

et lui ete déjà la. Il savait pour les papz.

ruper's wife instagram on monday

I mean, look ! She has no legs and there is a wall just where her legs would be supposed to be

The size difference between rupert and Kristen in sydney looks MUCH bigger than on the US W cover and she had heels.

Get away of my bed stupid cat !!!!!!

I gave water to Kristen's ex boyfriend today.

Kristen boobs at Comic Con.

Cooking dinner for my host-fam :)

Got a new ambre ring. It looks better in real though

Of course i had to go to victoria's Secret :P

American mall #Washington