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#esoc Hi Sue! Final wrapup. Real need for genuine insight now that a lot of data is free.

#esoc Reg winds up. Market research has always been survey research and now that link is broken. It's okay!

#esoc The wrap up panel.

#esoc Hi Koen! Design a kitchen and describe why you make choices. Looks fun to me.

#esoc Hi Darren! Lego! Woohoo!

#esoc parallel data is spookily the same for mobile vs laptop

#esoc Hi chris! Hi sonia! Yup, this is an ugly slide!

#esoc Hi steve! I'm using my thumb now!

#esoc Benchmark against best in class, not the average.

#esoc high tech voting

#esoc Rays slide is a horse. Yes.

#esoc Hi Ray! Get that crowd going!

#esoc Kim dedeker shares a few words about how we're doing. Quality equals sustainability.

#esoc Hi Bill! ISO speaker, 26 countries involved.

#esoc Quality template for pulling sample and weighting data

#esoc Hi Joel! Panels replicate own data but not other panels.

#esoc Now is the time to pay attention to the research experience

#esoc avoid practices which are "not yet illegal"

#esoc historic perspective of data quality debate