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Yesterday's ensemble. #TotallyAdult

The derpiest derps in all of

Disney day!!! Weeeee #Club33 #MickeyEars

We'll now he's eating a q-tip so we're even.

Last nights makeup. Bambi-esque.

Top ramen at 5am cause wtf else are you gonna do

Here you go, kids. My completed, 100% handmade Halloween ensemble. I amaze myself.

Messing around with look ideas for my costume. Kinda feeling a woodland-deer type deal.

Snickity sneak of a couple pieces of my costume I finally get to wear tonight! #Handmade #CraftyBish

If my glue gun were a person it would have AIDS. You can just tell by looking.

Tomorrow's my moms birthday & she's going to Hogwarts. Here's some of the HP stuff I made her. #shesobsessed

I'm obsessed. Few things are more satisfying than creating beautiful things from scratch. #queenofhalloween

Woke up all grumpy cat until I saw this text from


But I didn't look fat, right?

People always be grammin' my possum.

Costume top 90% completed. Will be better without the sports bra, lol. #queenofhalloween #100percentDIY

Pfffft, this fuggin guy. #OscarPossum

From a bland sheet of thermoplastic & craft foam to shin armor. #craftprincess #longwaytogo